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Astute Tyre Recycling is a Birmingham based family run business.

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Astute Tyre Recycling is a Birmingham based family run business. It was born out of a desire to ensure that only the most environmentally sound methods are applied to the industry which will undergo a dramatic transition over the coming years as new technologies emerge.

We felt strongly about this as over 40 million used tyres are processed recycled every year, according to the Tyre Recovery Association website. Never has the industry been more in need of a fresh approach.

The business had been established for several years however we took over the management 8 years ago. It is our desire to ensure the industry operates in a clean and compliant manner.

We are looking at the future and have ambitious plans for further refining the industry and making sure that we use the very latest technologies, consistent with improving the environment.

We have a close eye on the evolution of tyre-recycling, down to the materials contained within each one. To this end, we have engaged in processing to the highest level of recycling i.e. – transforming the waste tyre into the 3 main components:

  • Steel
  • Carbon
  • Oil

The idea is always to keep it simple and hassle-free for our customers. We are extremely proud of our 24hr Response Guarantee, an industry first!

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