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Do you have tyres to dispose of? We specialise in the collection & recycling of old tyres that are unused or unsuitable for re-use. This could include the following:

We accept all types of tyres

  • Car
  • JCB/Crane
  • Taxis
  • Cycle

  • Tractor
  • Bike

  • Motorcycle

  • Lorry/HGV
  • Van

Our Services:

  • Used Tyre Recycling
  • Collection or Drop Off
  • Birmingham Based – Midlands Wide Service
  • Commercial Dealers

We are:

  • Fully Certified
  • Environmental Agency Compliant
  • Provide All Legal Documentation
  • Environmentally friendly & Ethical Operators

Why Work With Us?

No hidden

Vehicles To Suit
Agreed Arrival
Same day
Registered waste carrier

95% waste

More than any other industry, our industry is tied to the environment. We take responsibility to ensure the protection of our planet for future generations very seriously. We believe in doing it right the first time.
We are proud to take a long term view and believe that by setting a good example and recycling in a responsible way, we can leave a lasting legacy. We like to be at the front, leading by taking the charge for the environmental cause and take great pride in everything we’ve achieved so far.

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